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Senior UX Designer and Backend Developer
  • Indianapolis, United States
Senior Ruby Software Developer
  • Indianapolis, United States

About us

A Team of Friends. 12 Years and Counting.

We’re 12 in Internet Years

Which are the same as regular years, but with a lot more going on. We started Expected Behavior in January of 2007, which seemed like a great idea at the time. If anyone tells you not to start your business just before the second greatest recession in United States history, they’re probably right. But we made it work for us. We successfully consulted for many years, with companies big and small. These days, we’re focused on our own software products.

Engineering Happiness

We believe the pursuit of personal happiness produces incredible work. Happiness means working on things that make us excited to get out of bed in the morning (or stay up late). It means we work where we want. It means we don’t track vacation days. It means setting your own schedule so you can pick your kids up from school or start playing Fallout 4 as soon as you have it in your hands.

We’ve found that when we’re happy, our customers are happy. When our customers are happy, they keep spreading it. Like a sort of happiness virus. There aren’t a lot of epidemiology terms that are uplifting, but you know what I’m getting at :)

If you haven’t failed, you haven’t done anything interesting

A lot of companies are dedicated to hiding their mistakes and only sharing their victories. We think that’s boring. We all have mis-steps and there’s a lot to learn by sharing both the good ideas and the bad. We’ve had great success with some of our products, but they haven’t all been winners. Check out our post-mortems for details on some of the things that didn’t quite make it.